Stomach problems now a thing of the past for Beautician

Stomach problems now a thing of the past for Beautician

April Tew suffered for years from pain and discomfort associated with poor bowel movements. When a client suggested trying Akesi tonics to help her gut problem, April was thrilled at how well – and fast – it worked.

“I’ve always been interested in the link between probiotics and wellbeing after my two eldest children had eczema when they were young. I found probiotics made a huge difference so when it came to trying Akesi to help my stomach issues, I didn’t think twice.” April said.

The expat beautician liked that Akesi’s probiotics were in liquid form. She started taking Akesi Turmeric every morning.

“What surprised me initially was how pleasant it tasted. And then I discovered it actually worked too! I felt the difference in just a week.”

“I suffered from sluggish bowel movements, gas and bloating for years but now that I take Akesi Turmeric every morning I have noticed a huge improvement. The Akesi Berry has definitely also helped my 14-year-old daughter’s stomach issues. She previously experienced a lot of pain but now her cramps and bloating have gone. It’s been a huge relief.”

“From my own experience and knowledge of the benefits of probiotics I now recommend probiotics, and Akesi in my workplace, for skin conditions like rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.”

“I have clients who have seen big improvements after taking both the Akesi Berry and the Akesi Turmeric.”

“One of my clients said her husband was always bloated and had stomach pains and Akesi has fixed that. Other clients have seen a difference in their skin conditions.”

“They love the taste of Akesi tonics and the general feeling of overall wellbeing. It just works!”

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