Kate Dixon was looking for a healthy non-alcoholic drink to swap out the boredom of sipping on soda water

Kate Dixon was looking for a healthy non-alcoholic drink to swap out the boredom of sipping on soda water

When a friend introduced her to Akesi Berry, the mum of three was thrilled with the taste. She became an Akesi regular after her family also experienced better health.

“I was a few months into my sobriety journey and getting bored with what I was drinking. When I first tried Akesi’s Berry, it was love at first sip,” Kate says, laughing.

“It truly is a taste sensation while having the incredible advantage of nurturing my gut health.”

“I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like the tonics but if that happens, I can offer the amazing Probiotic+ Elderberry Boost powder!

“My husband and I use Akesi Berry on a daily basis to support better gut health which I know is vital for a strong immune system.

“All three of my kids take Akesi Berry as well as the Probiotic+ Elderberry Boost Powder for the same reason. The powder is incredibly versatile, I use it sprinkled over coconut yoghurt, in bliss balls and in smoothies.”

“A couple of months after my son Gus started using Akesi, we noticed visible improvements with his skin. He doesn’t have as many flare ups as he once did which has brought him, and us, great relief. “I believe we also have stronger immune systems now, with fewer coughs, colds, or viruses and my husband and I have better energy levels throughout the day, too.

“I truly believe prebiotics and probiotics should be part of everyone’s life. So much goodness occurs in the gut and when gut health is out of whack it can impact our moods, our emotions, and our immune system.”

“We all need to take a holistic approach to wellness. Our health, which includes our gut, isn’t only impacted by what we put into our mouth – everything is connected. Our lifestyle, relationships, career, stress levels, and emotions all play a significant role.”

“I love that the Akesi range has something for every member of the family. As a busy mum, I really appreciate how simple it is to integrate Akesi products into daily life.”

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