Jackie explains why her family trusts Akesi for improved wellbeing

Jackie explains why her family trusts Akesi for improved wellbeing

When new mum Jackie Tritt went looking for the best baby probiotic on the market, a friend recommended Akesi. Jackie gave it to her four-month-old son and has been thrilled with the results. Akesi Probiotic+ powders and Akesi probiotic tonics are now an integral part of the whole family’s daily diet routine.

“I liked the fact the Akesi products include a diverse range of strains rather than just 1-2 strains that I had seen with other probiotics. I wanted to ensure my baby, was consuming the highest quality product that would be beneficial for his developing gut health, his immunity and his future cognitive development.”

“There is increasing research indicating that optimal gut health supports healthy cognitive function and I feel safe giving my baby a quality product that is helping him maintain optimum gut health.”

“Since taking Akesi Probiotic+ BASE Zinny has been very healthy, with just the odd runny nose and 1 very mild middle ear infection by the age of 14 months old. Compared to other children in my Mothers’ Group his health has been very strong.”

“I trust Akesi products and feel comfortable recommending them to friends and family so they can experience the benefits as well. A few of the mums in my Mothers’ Group have rushed out to buy the products and have reported good results.”

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