Excessive bloating a problem of the past for Rose

Excessive bloating a problem of the past for Rose

A history of gut problems meant Singapore Expat mum Rose Oxley had to watch what she ate, for fear of gas and bloating. Chancing upon Akesi at the Singapore Boutiques Fair two years ago, Rose sampled an Akesi probiotic tonic, then bought her first bottle. Skeptical at first, Rose soon experienced positive health changes. She is now a regular Akesi Turmeric customer.

“I had been searching for a probiotic to help with excessive bloating for some time but I never found one which actually made a difference. I remember coming across Akesi, and thinking I should give it a try. They were offering a liquid remedy rather than tablets which I liked.”

“I had researched the benefits of turmeric and ginger so I felt Akesi knew what they were talking about with their tonics.”

“The amazing thing is Akesi actually really, truly works for me. I experienced a very clear and definite improvement in my gut health after drinking their probiotic tonic, evidenced by a significant reduction in bloating and wind.”

“I use to meet friends at restaurants and look at that delicious bread basket with a sense of gloom. I knew if I ate it I would start feeling uncomfortable within 10 mins, my stomach would bloat, my waistband would tighten and I would need to go to the ladies.”

“Since taking Akesi, I still need to monitor my bread consumption however, the impact is significantly reduced. I don’t panic about the consequences anymore. The pain of bloating is gone! My gut is more balanced, stronger, healthier and more robust. I can eat bread, crackers and biscuits without suffering.

“Now that I feel healthier I want to stay healthy so the flow on has positively impacted my diet, my sleep, and my exercise – they are all connected. By addressing one area, I have reassessed and adjusted other areas in my life.”

“I love it! Thank you Akesi.”

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