Yoghurt or Akesi?

Yoghurt or Akesi?

Dairy is often associated with food intolerances but yoghurt does have its benefits, particularly when you choose goat, sheep or nut alternatives. The health benefits are mostly through the beneficial bacteria it contains however there are better fermented options that have a wider variety of microorganisms you could consider.

Do you know how commercial yoghurt is made?
Did you know that the starter culture for yoghurt requires L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus which are less tolerant to the acid within the upper digestive system? A single serve (tub, usually around 170g) of yoghurt typically contains 4 active cultures and 6 billion cfu at the highest level. It is important to note that not all yoghurt is live and most contain added sugars and flavouring.

How does this compare to Akesi’s method?
In comparison, the Akesi liquid probiotic range contains 8-10 different probiotic species and 6-10 billion good bacteria in every serve (a mere 15ml tablespoon when compared to a tub of yoghurt!). Akesi is also all-natural, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free and keto-friendly so fits with all diet preferences.

The liquid range provides probiotics and antioxidant nutrients including polyphenols such as quercetin and anthocyanins. Other important ingredients include gingerols, piperine and curcumins.

Is Akesi too expensive to commit to?
The Akesi tonic range is a food as medicine probiotic, meaning it is your daily probiotic supplement with added plant-based nutrients in one. As each bottle contains 33 serves it is also better priced than most quality yoghurts – costing SG$1.75 per tablespoon serve. To enjoy, simply take straight or dilute in a glass of still or sparkling water.

The final showdown
Team Akesi believe you should consume a range of fermented foods every day. Why not try a daily dose of Akesi for 3 months to assess its benefits? You can still enjoy additional fermented foods such as yoghurts, sauerkraut and miso – the idea is to consume a variety of microorganisms to keep a healthy diverse gut microbiome. And if you really love your yoghurt, buy plain unsweetened yoghurt and swirl a teaspoon of Elderberry Boost to enjoy!

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