PREbiotics, PRObiotics, POSTbiotics

PREbiotics, PRObiotics, POSTbiotics

We have reformulated Probiotic+ Elderberry Boost and Akesi Berry to include the perfect combination of PREbiotics, PRObiotics and POSTbiotics.

Read on to understand our new science-forward combination... 

PREbiotics are microbes' fuel source.
PRObiotics are the beneficial bacteria that keep you healthy.
POSTbiotics include the resultant beneficial end products from all those microbes working hard and contribute to your overall health.

Or in the language of microbes:
PREbiotics – WHAT do they eat?
PRObiotics – WHO is there?
POSTbiotics – WHAT are they doing?

Elderberry Boost now comes in convenient single serve sachets while Akesi Berry may be diluted in still or sparkling water. Both provide:

  1. PREbiotic fibre
  2. PRObiotics 10 beneficial species 
  3. POSTbiotics from fermented berries
  4. POLYPHENOL anthocyanins
  5. 10 Billion Good Bacteria

Because Akesi is GUT STRONG!

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