Sleep Better, Be Better

Sleep Better, Be Better

Every system in the body relies on the restorative effects of sleep – especially the brain. Sleep literally resets the brain with the glymphatic system conducting a “brain-wash” overnight. Think of it as housekeeping for the brain’s waste products that are produced during the waking hours.

Our rhythm of life – a circadian rhythm that uses a light/dark cycle for internal body processes and our gut bacteria also have their own day and night routine. So, chronic poor sleep affects your hormones, your mood, and your gut microbes. Chronic sleep deprivation increases your risks of developing obesity, depression, and diabetes. It also impacts your cognitive performance and your ability to lay down memory.

One of the ways your gut microbiome can provide a good night’s sleep is through the production of serotonin. As evening approaches your body starts converting the hormone serotonin into the sleep hormone melatonin. Even more reasons to fuel your good gut bugs with prebiotic fibre and healthy lifestyle choices!

Prioritising both sleep quantity and quality is key, you need an opportunity of 9 hours of sleep; ideally between 10pm and 7am with a goal of a minimum of 7 hours – this fits about 95% of the adult population.

Sleeping better requires an integrated approach

  • Consider your chronotype – are you an early bird vs night owl? Can you aim to be asleep by 10pm?
  • Consider circadian rhythm – the latitude where you live and what season it is, take into account sunrise and sunset
  • Create your own wind-down routine – no screens one hour prior to bed, use a candle or aromatherapy, a warm bath or meditation to prime the body and brain for wind-down
  • Create a sleep cocoon – eliminate or at least reduce light sources, consider white noise, and check the nighttime temperature of your bedroom (ideally this should be between 15.5 to 19.5 degrees Celsius)
  • Think about what you do most days – diet, lifestyle, exposure to sunlight – what you do in the day affects the quality of your sleep that night
  • Try 3 months of taking 1 tablespoon of our Turmeric Tonic on waking each day, this will perfectly kickstart your important microbes for a great day, and even better night’s sleep ahead!
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