Gut Fit

Gut Fit

Wellness is more than feeling okay, it’s about having vitality and energy all day long, and the ability to rest well at night. Looking after yourself means quality rest, quality relationships, a nutritious diet, as well as daily movement. Below we will focus on the movement part of what it means to be in good health.

Being in nature positively affects your digestive health
Movement in nature is an accessible intervention for stress, helping to decrease inflammation and improve overall wellness – including your digestive health. Being in nature enriches your exposure to microbial diversity, potentially improving the ratios of certain species in your gut, and by stimulating bacterial activities beneficial to good health.

Just move, no excuses!
Exercise is one way in which we challenge our gut barrier making it more resilient and less likely to have increased permeability or ‘leakiness’. We are all unique, so finding an activity – whether it be dancing, HIIT or reformer pilates for example – that you enjoy and do regularly is key. Walking is foundational to health and fitness, simply enjoying a daily brisk walk will optimise your microbiota and wellbeing, it doesn’t have to be high intensity training to reap the microbial benefits.

Diversity of your microbial species
One of the easiest ways to promote microbial diversity in your gut is through exposure to good dirt and this microbial diversity quite literally makes you happier! Encouraging your children to play outside and get muddy is good for their microbial world, and therefore their mental wellbeing.

Certain bacteria will improve your performance
More research is needed but the future is to use microbiome sequencing and probiotics to potentially improve physical performance and perhaps even endurance. In the meantime, we can all focus on a commitment to daily movement.

Akesi Turmeric combines the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric and a multi-species probiotic. Emerging research is also showing just how beneficial turmeric is as a potent anti-inflammatory modulator and a powerful antioxidant. We’ve made it very easy to have your daily dose of anti-inflammatory goodness and your probiotic in this wonder tonic containing a whopping 900mg of fermented turmeric per tablespoon serve and 8 diverse probiotic species.

Even better – a morning daily 15mL shot won’t break your overnight fast or time restricted eating plan!

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