Finding it hard to keep healthy?

Finding it hard to keep healthy?

We are all feeling the new restrictions. Adding to the stress of working from home and the kids being at home, is the stress of keeping your family’s immune systems functioning optimally. We are also mums here at Team Akesi and need hacks for good health, we hope you like our go-to ideas below…

  • Every meal should include two-thirds vegetables, for your children hide what they don’t like or make a game of veggie eating and download our free Rainbow Chart in our Good Gut Blog.
  • Only use healthy fats to cook with (olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil,ghee) – this is huge, after reading this, go and read the back of your pantry packets, they are overloaded with sunflower and canola oil – ditch those asap – they’re processed oils and aren’t helping you.
  • Consciously increase fibre at every meal – for your fussy family member this may mean sprinkling high fibre foods where you can like chia and flax seeds, or introduce a prebiotic fibre such as the one found in our Probiotic+ products.
  • Get more sleep and reduce stress – we know, this is so hard right now,
  • Try not to look at your screen for first 15 minutes of the day
  • Get 5 minutes of natural sunlight in the morning
  • Create an evening ritual – an earlier dinner, a brisk evening walk, screen-free time before bed with a ritual cup of warm water/caffeine–free tea before bed.
  • Prioritise movement, especially outdoors – a walk with company in nature does wonders for both body and mind, we are sure by now you have discovered your family’s fav nature spots and are ready to re-visit.
  • Incorporate fermented foods into your family’s diet – for the fussy eater, try adding a daily dose of our naturally fermented tonics if they’re not keen on ‘stinky’ kraut… and be wary of commercial kombucha / cultured dairy drinks which often have added sugar.

We’re here to help keep your family’s immune systems functioning optimally. There’s an Akesi product for all ages and taste buds, what’s even better is that Akesi products can fit in with your current routine – they can be enjoyed with or without food, any time of day. We suggest trying our Akesi Berry if you have school age children – they will love their daily special berry drink… trust us when we say it is delicious, the bonus is – it is so good for them!

With free delivery in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, and fast international shipping worldwide, there really is no easier way to support your family’s health.

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