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Mum of three says family is healthier thanks to Akesi

Competitive athlete and busy mother of three Jennifer Lee is a big believer that a healthy gut is key to a healthy immune system. Impressed by Akesi’s all-natural Probiotic+ Powders and Bio-Fermented Tonic range, she bought some for the whole family to try and the results were immediate.
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Health and wellness enthusiast Annie Macens lives and breathes the philosophy ‘Your body is your home’

After struggling with food intolerances, Annie embarked on a quest towards better gut health. Trialing Akesi’s Bio-Fermented Tonics, she noticed a positive change in her health
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Kate Dixon was looking for a healthy non-alcoholic drink to swap out the boredom of sipping on soda water

When a friend introduced her to Akesi’s Bio-Fermented Berry Spritzer, the mum of three was thrilled with the taste. She became an Akesi regular after her family also experienced better health.
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Jackie Tritt explains why her family trusts Akesi for good gut health

When new mum Jackie went looking for the best baby probiotic on the market, a friend recommended Akesi. Jackie gave it to her four-month-old son and has been thrilled with the results. Akesi Probiotic+ Powders and Akesi Bio-Fermented Tonics are now an integral part of the whole family’s daily diet routine.
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Excessive bloating a problem of the past for Rose

A history of gut problems meant Singapore Expat mum Rose Oxley had to watch what she ate, for fear of gas and bloating. Chancing upon Akesi at the Singapore Boutiques Fair two years ago, Rose sampled a Bio-Fermented probiotic tonic, then bought her first bottle. Skeptical at first, Rose soon experienced positive health changes. She is now a regular Akesi customer.
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Stomach problems now a thing of the past for Expat Beautician

April Tew suffered for years from pain and discomfort associated with poor bowel movements. When a client suggested trying Akesi Bio-Fermented Tonics to help her gut problem, April was thrilled at how well – and fast – it worked.
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