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Most western diets contain about 1/2 of the daily recommended fibre that you need. However you need to allow your body to adjust gradually to increasing fibre intake, so start low and go slow to improve your fibre fitness. The gut needs a period of adaptation as the fibre intake increases.

For a female aim for 25 grams per day and for a male 38 grams per day. Whilst these are general daily recommended amounts, they may even represent a minimum goal and ideally fibre intake should be even higher.

What is fibre?

That part of the plant that is essentially indigestible for humans. When fibre reaches the large intestine it is the vital food source for your resident gut bacteria. They ferment the fibre which in turn produces short chain fatty acids (SCFA). SCFA are very important metabolites as they stabilise the integrity of the gut wall and also act as a direct food source for the cells that line the large intestine.

SCFA also act as key messengers between the microbiota and the Immune System ensuring a balance between the pro- and anti- inflammatory pathways.

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